Hawaii, a paradise in the middle of the Pacific where the spirit of Aloha lives.

There is a sad history where the Hawaiian Monarchy’s illegal overthrow led to the loss of their land, language, culture and rightful heritage.

A man called the Hero of the Hawaiian Independence stood up.

His name is Dennis Puʻuhonua "Bumpy" Kanahele

For many years he advocated non-violent resistance to “pono” (correct/undo) the injustice. Finally, in 1993, a hundred years from the overthrow, Bill Clinton, then President of the United States of America, officially signed the Apology Resolution.

Kanahele won the return of land in Waimanalo on the Island of Oahu.

That is the Nation of Hawaii (Independent and Sovereign Nation State of Hawaii), also known as Land of Aloha.

“Bumpy” Kanahele became its first Head of State.

This unprecedented “return” of land to its indigenous peoples is historical.

“Bumpy” Kanahele has called out for world peace from this conflictless land.

The Nation has announced it will use a cryptographically secure currency as its official national currency and use this to build a truly sustainable economy. Plans for land development and environmental projects are currently moving forward. Water and waste treatment, renewable energy development, natural farming as well as a new form of agricultural resort are being worked on.

Natural and symbiotic sustainable projects are being put together, not only for its own use but for use by all indigenous peoples. Technology and knowhow will be exported and relationships are being built through the United Nation’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples.

Worldwide attention to the Land of Aloha has been dramatically increasing through the release of the Hollywood movie “ALOHA” as well as the extremely popular TV drama “HAWAII 5-0” viewed by some 900 million people in 125 countries.

Interviews and documentary production on the Land of Aloha by international media are now frequent and increasing.

“Bumpy” Kanahele’s battle to restore sovereignty and true independence to Hawaiians will continue.